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WRWSA Work Program Summary
2010 FYE Work Program Summary
1. Joint Funding of Water Supply Projects with Member Local Governments:

The Authority Board will continue its grant program to assist local governments in improving water conservation within the region in order to extend the use of groundwater as long as possible. Since its inception in FY 1999-2000, the Authority has appropriated $1,064,631 to local government projects in the region. During the 2009-10 FY, the Board appropriated $130,000 toward local government water conservation projects. Proposals will be considered from any member local government in the Authority’s jurisdiction.

View information:  Grant Program Guidelines and the Grant Application Process.

2. Tracking Water Resource Legislation During the 2010 Legislative Session that is of Interest to the Withlacoochee Region:

The Authority has contracted with Diane Salz, Legislative Consultant, to track legislation on water supply, water management districts and other water resource issues. The Authority has focused its attention on tracking any attempts to weaken or abolish the “Local Sources First” permitting requirements adopted by the 1997 Legislature. The Authority approved the continuation of its contract with the Legislative Consultant for additional work during the 2010 legislative session.

3. Cooperative Funding with SWFWMD to Expand Analysis of Water Supply in the Region:

The Authority will finalize its cooperative funding with SWFWMD to prepare a more detailed feasibility analysis of each project identified in the Phase I 2005 Regional Water Supply Master Plan Update. As part of the feasibility analysis, the Authority will prioritize the water supply projects identified in the Master Plan. The funds from SWFWMD will be matched by appropriations from the Authority.

4. Cooperative Funding with SWFWMD to Analyze Impacts of MFLs to Existing and Future Water Supply Facilities:

The Authority will continue to cooperatively fund with SWFWMD the analysis of the impact of SWFWMD’s proposed minimum flows and levels (MFL) to be set on rivers, lakes, springs and the aquifer in the Withlacoochee Region over the next 10 years. If existing wellfields or future planned wellfields negatively impact resources such as lakes, springs or rivers when MFLs are set on those facilities, it is important for both the Authority and the impacted local government to know this as quickly as possible in order to make necessary changes to avoid those impacts.

5. Cooperative Funding with SWFWMD to Prepare a Data Collection and Monitoring Plan for Northern Sumter County:

The Authority approved a joint data collection and monitoring program for north Sumter County during the 2008-09 FY. The Authority, the SWFWMD and The Villages will continue this program into the 2009-10 FY. This program was approved because the Authority’s consultants have had difficulty developing groundwater models of the north Sumter County area in order to provide for a dispersed wellfield in that area to serve future needs of Wildwood and The Villages. Although the Authority is able to proceed with planning for future groundwater supplies in the north Sumter County area, it is still necessary to collect more field data before the Authority and SWFWMD can be sure that a dispersed wellfield in that area would be permitable.

SWFWMD prepared a work program to collect the field data that will be needed to determine if a wellfield in that area is possible. SWFWMD staff is coordinating a cooperative effort between the District, The Villages and the WRWSA to fund this data gathering effort. The total project cost would be $100,000, with the Authority responsible for 1/3 of the cost at $33,333. The Authority believes this data gathering effort is necessary for the Authority to proceed with development of a wellfield in this area of Sumter County.

6. Expand and Refine the “Regional Framework” Concept that will Provide the Future Infrastructure for Introduction of Alternative Water Supplies into the Region’s Water Supply Systems:

The Regional Framework concept is a long-term strategy based on the knowledge that regionalization of water sources and alternative water supplies will be necessary at some point in the future. The question for the Authority is how do the local governments in this region evolve a regional framework for a long-term water supply strategy that will support member communities and help to manage the technical, economic, environmental and political issues associated with timely development of long-term, sustainable water supplies?

The Regional Framework concept, which provides for identifying water supply facilities throughout the region for eventual inclusion within a regional network that will provide the framework for facilities and interconnections to provide for alternative water supplies in the future as needed. The local governments within the region have tentatively approved the framework concept by resolution or letters of support. The next steps are to determine the criteria for designating the various facilities as part of the framework, designing the necessary agreements that will be needed to guarantee that the facilities will become part of the regional framework when needed and to design the necessary governance documents to implement the long-range program.

The Authority will fund this program in a step-by-step manner over the next few years. During 2009-10 FY, the Authority will appropriate approximately $50,000 to begin the development of the criteria and documents mentioned above.

7. Continuation of Cooperation with Citrus County in Operation of the Authority’s Charles A. Black Wellfield and Water Supply Facility (CABWSF):

The CAB Water Supply Facility is currently operating and supplying water to the Citrus system. The Authority will continue to cooperate with Citrus County in the maintenance and permitting for the wells and the treatment facility per our operation and maintenance contract with Citrus County.

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